Enameled Ceramic Vases

The smaller vase has a broken rim, there were 5 individual chips that required several stages of gluing back in place.  I used an acetone based cement, which is reversible if necessary in the future.  Only two very small chips were missing, with touchup the repairs are nearly invisible.  The blue masking tape is holding the first large piece in place as the cement dries.


Smaller enameled vase with broken rim - before    Small enameled ceramic vase - after restoration

The larger enameled handled vase had a broken base with three of the four feet broken cleanly off.  Only one small chip, not related to the broken base was missing and needed in-painting.  The same adhesive was used to attach the base and was weighted with a cedar log to hold the break tight.

Large handled enamel pot with broken base - before

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