Below is a collection of tools I have made over the years, several belonged to a friend and I borrowed them to take this picture.


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Drawknives:top, hand forged-next, hand made from a file-next European-W.Butcher double plane iron-bottom box hammer    Adze, cast iron hacksaw, router plane, marking gauge, calipers, snail countersink, dividers, Lufkin folding ruler, slick    Close up of the cast iron hacksaw, router plane, calipers, snail countersink, dividers, marking gauge    Deep throat iron frame fret saw

Push Stick - life size    Single point fence for Bandsaw    Wooden Miter Gauge

Hand crank grinder, wheel is 2 1/2" wide and 10 inches in diameter    Wooden steady rest, follower wedge travels down to tighten pivoting head against the work.  Secured to ways with wooden bolt and nut.

Protractor of quartersawn white oak and holly, 7" wide, 1/4" thick

Power Tools - Illustrations of a Grand Wheel, jack shaft, power lathe and up down saw.

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