This is an adjustable stool that is made with threaded joints.  The legs are turned of 2" thick red oak and threaded with 1 " and 6 threads per inch on one end.  The legs are 11" long.  The base and seat are made of  1 7/8" thick red alder and 11 " in diameter.  The seat has a single threaded blind hole in the bottom and the top is slightly hollowed and the top edges are rounded over.  The base has a hole centered and all the way through to accommodate the adjustable center pedestal.  The extra set of holes were drilled at 10 and threaded with a tap finished with a bottoming tap.  I determined that the angle for the short legs was too shallow and I drilled a second set of holes at 15 which produced a better angle and wider footprint.  I can also use these holes when making other stools to check for the correct angle.  The center spindle is made of 2" square by 18" hard maple is threaded into the seat, a small square section then goes to continuous threads that allows the seat to be adjustable from 29 " down to 19 ".  I could take an additional inch off the height by threading the shaft all the way to the square section but I would have to remove the same amount from the end of the center spindle because it hits the ground.  The stool is finished with linseed oil and turpentine.  I used beeswax on the threads but they still squeak.


Assembled Scrool    Scrool, disassembled

The first stool was made as a shop stool with a lower footrest.  The second is constructed in a similar manner, the base is of poplar and smaller in diameter and the top has a chamfer on its lower edge.  The legs are drilled at 15.  This stool is made as a music stool and is adjustable from 18 inches to 28 inches.

Adjustable Music Stool

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