Birch and Maple Side Chair

This late nineteenth century example of a common chair is unusual in that it is not made of oak as were most examples of this type of chair.  Constructed of birch and maple, this chair came out of an old bar in Montana.  The chair was loose at the joints and had nails pounded through the seat to 'repair' the front legs.  The chair was disassembled, joints cleaned and one upright was repaired at the wedge.  The chair was glued, clamped and allow to dry overnight.  The chair was then washed with soap and water and completely dried.  I then treated the chair with Moses T's Reviver followed by a couple of coats of Moses T's St. John's Oil.  I did a little touch up with pigmented shellac and another coat of oil finished the chair.


Side Chair Before    Side Chair After

Before                        After


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