Shepherds' Compleat Early Nineteenth Century Woodworker (1st Edition 1981- ISBN:0-939964-00-7, Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 81-82539.) 

Shepherds' Compleat Early Nineteenth Century Woodworker

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1805 Turning Bench (Treadle lathe) - 1985  Complete construction plans with parts list and material requirements - 8 sheets, 11" by 17" plus 4 pages of instructions - $17.00 plus $3.00 shipping *Available now*

1805 Turning Bench


Technical Leaflets:


Take It Out - A guide to screw (& nail) removal, 20 pages, punched for 3 ring binder, 144 illustrations 

Traditional Equivalents - Hundreds of ancient, archaic and arcane terms and their modern counterparts, 11 pages, punched for 3 ring binder 

  Guide to Furniture Hardware Casting - 1989 - A guide for making molds and casting serviceable, impossible to replace, hardware from tin with simple tools, materials and techniques, 36 pages, punched for 3 ring binder, 113 illustrations 

French Polish - Reveals the secrets for this impressive traditional shellac finish

Half Mortice Locks - Illustrations of half mortice locks used in 18th and 19th century furniture

Ormolu - A guide to gilded brass hardware


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