Power Tools


This is one method for powering woodworking tools in the Nineteenth Century.  The Grand Wheel was powered by an apprentice and the subsequent power was routed through jack shafts to other tools.

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Grandwheel, side view

Five foot diameter Grand Wheel for powering shop - side view

Grand Wheel, end view with crank and shaft detail

Grand wheel showing detail of crank and shaft - end view

Jack Shaft for transferring power within a shop

Jack shaft for transferring power to tools, note pillow block

Lathe powered by leather belt from jack shaft or grand wheel

Power lathe with details of mandrel and tailstock

Up/down Sash Saw powered by leather belt

Up down sash saw

Detail of sash saw frame with pitman, crank and pulley

Detail of sash saw frame with crank, pitman and blade tensioning bolt


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