A recent commission:

Stephen Shepherd with slick and corbel

Stephen Shepherd, of High Country Cabinets, uses a 2" firmer chisel to fit the top joint on a pair of spruce corbels for a pine and spruce custom library in the shape of a pentagon.  For a private client in Park City, Utah, it sits on the top floor of a pentagon shaped house on top of a mountain.  There are 5 spokes 8 feet long and 8 feet high of back to back 12" deep book cases.  There is a staircase up one edge of one of the bookcases that leads to a reading loft above the book cases.



Richard McDonald fashioning a large tenon

Richard McDonald, of Richard McDonald's Wood Carvings in Salt Lake City, Utah, a master professional wood carver, lends a hand, some antique tools and his expertise to the library project now referred to as the Bibliotheca.  Using a traditional mallet and an antique 1 1/2" socket chisel he is chopping one of the 10 large lap joints in the 4 by 6 inch spruce girt beams that form the structure for the second floor.  The beams support the flooring and the hand rail around the second floor.  While over qualified for this humble work he is enjoying the experience and the beautiful mountain location.

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