Night Stands

Sketch for Night Stands

A pair of night stands made of alder with hand dovetailed pine drawers.  These are of traditional design and construction.  The legs are tapered on the insides only and the apron is morticed and tenoned into the legs.  The top is 18 inches square, secured with pocket screws (& no glue, it floats free) and they are 36 inches tall.  The lower shelf is 12 inches off the ground and are notched into the legs and secured with glue and pocket screws on the underside.  Pockets for screws (or pocket screws) are a very traditional method of attaching tabletops.  But I did use a modern production pocket cutter, because it was there.

Completed Night Stand prior to finish

The drawers are constructed of recycled pine and was sweet to work by hand.  They are through dovetailed at the corners and grooved around the inside of the bottom to accept the floating pine bottom.  The sides are " thick as is the bottoms which are feathered on all four edges to go into the " groove.  The runners are alder secured with glue and cut nails.  The drawers are full depth, ride on the lower runner, the sides of the apron and the top prevents the drawer from tipping.

Night Stand showing detail of dovetailed drawer

Night Stand with first coat of Moses T's St. John's Oil

Here is the nightstand with one coat of Moses T's St. John's Oil.  The stands will receive several coats of oil allowing 24 hours between applications.  The tops will be finished with Satin Marine Spar Varnish to provide additional protection.

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