The following links are to places on the World Wide Web we recommend you visit:

Woodworker's Journal  "Woodworker's Journal is the best source for woodworking tips, techniques, tool reviews and literally thousands of great plans."

WOODtalk  "The online Source for all of your woodworking needs. Find answers by searching your pages or ask you question on the WOODtalk forums."

WoodCentral  "WoodCentral has discussion forums, daily trivia, shop shots, book reviews and chats for all levels of woodworking.  Fun and knowledgeable people at this, one of the finest sites on the web."

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware  "An excellent source of tools and hardware.  Carries items unavailable elsewhere in their full color catalogue."  

WOODWEB  "The information source for the wood industry"

Women in Woodworking  "A new site designed especially for the growing number of women woodworkers."

Gill's Home Page  "From sawing logs to fine furniture to smoked meats to custom floors you can even find Japanese Embroidery on this site."

Woodcraft  "Woodcraft, the woodworker's source for woodworking hand tools, power tools, hardware, lumber, sharpening supplies, wood finishing and more!"

Clark & Williams  "The finest wooden hand planes manufactured in the last 150 years."

Lee Grindinger  "Traditional furniture maker and wood carver."  "One woodworker helping another."

Tremont Nail Company  "These folks have been making traditional cut nails in America for over a 150 years, a great restoration source."

Richmond Restorations  "Richmond Restorations is your chair cane supply store. From rush to wedges it's all here!"

Medieval and Renaissance Woodworking  "Now these people are into really old woodworking techniques and traditions."

Gilmer Wood Company - "A wide variety of woods including musical instrument grade stock"

Andrew Crawford - "Fine Decorative Boxes"

Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine Online - "A monthly magazine for woodcarvers, scroll-sawyers, intarsia artists, etc."

Mac Simmons - "A veteran of the finishing industry, Mac has insights into woodworking finishes."

W. Patrick Edwards - "A traditional master craftsman in the art of marquetry and veneer work.  A source of information, training and Old Brown Glue, a fine liquid hide glue."

The Woodwright's Shop - "Roy Underhill site for his show on PBS, lists a schedule of shows, resources and other fascinating information about traditional woodwork."


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