Small Cabinet

The first drawing was submitted to the client for approval.  The door design is reversed as requested by the customer and shown in the second drawing.

First Drawing    Final Drawing

This is a small cabinet built for a small space in a bathroom.  The design of the door is similar to another piece of furniture that the client owns.  The cabinet is made from paint grade maple plywood with solid maple facing.  The drawer is made of pine, dovetailed with a loose bottom attached with 4d cut box nails.  The drawer front is pine with hand shot cock beading around the edges mitered at the corners.  The beading is glued and attached with 7/8" fine cut headless brads.  The door is also of pine with 1 inch deep mortice and tenons sized to fit the rail size.  The groove on the side styles and bottom rail were straightforward.  The top rail has a special profile that required that the groove be marked with a marking gauge and chopped with a narrow chisel to a depth of inch.  There will be incised carving on the upper rail.  The panel was raised with a scrub plane finished with a smoothing plane.  The top of the panel was shaped with a curved bottom spokeshave.  The door is 18 inches wide and 47 inches tall.

Pine Door    Door and Drawer Front with base coat

The piece will be stained on the inside and painted with a black base coat and a cracked finish on the outside.

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