Greek Side Chair

This is a prototype for two child's chairs copied after an original in polychrome pine.  This version is in solid alder with birch pegs on the side rails.  The seat is 12" off the ground and the chair is 24" in height.  The cresting rail is 15" wide.  The back leans back at 12, and out a couple of degrees and the rear legs are at 20 from a 45 angle on the back corner.  It took some work to get the height of the back right, I had to turn down the upright spindles as the first attempt was too tall.

Child's chair in alder - Gnomen is a 12" ruler

The gnomon is a folding 12" ruler.

1983 drawing of Greek Chair

1983 drawing of Greek Chair

Drawing of original polychrome pine chair.

Polychrome pine Greek Chair

I am practicing on the smaller versions to get the proportions correct.  A larger chair would have more and finer tapers to the front legs.  

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