A Woodworker's Door Handle

Door Handle, Outside View   Door Handle - Inside View

The handle is constructed of chestnut reinforced with white birch dowel pegs and attached to the base plate with with white birch dowel pegs.  The handle has a simple rope carving where it is gripped.  The thumb latch is made of maple and extends through the door to engage the bolt.  The base is of clear pine.  (Note: the bevel on the bolt to ride over the striker plate.)  

On the inside the base is again pine with a dovetail joint for the locking mechanism.  The bolt is of red oak, the spring is ash, the keeper is of alder, the knob is hickory and the striker plate is beech.  Each wood was chosen for its particular properties.  The finish is a Satin Marine Spar Varnish.

Automatic Door Closer    Cam Action Door Stop

The door has a weighted closing mechanism made of alder bolsters with beech pulleys and maple axle pins.  The cord is braided cotton and runs from the weight up to the first pulley, over the door opening to another pulley and is attached to a kicker on the door that also acts as a door stop. The weight is dense pine and trimmed to the proper size and weight to gently close the door and latch the bolt.  Based upon an iron version at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. 

 The picture at the right is a door stop that engages the kicker and holds the door open.  The rounded fork on the end of the cam gently captures the door and is adjusted by slightly twisting the back plate.  A gently pull on the handle releases the stop.

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