“I believe anything can be restored!”

Stephen A. Shepherd

Although I did not take up woodworking professionally until 1972, I took an early interest in woodworking and things mechanical.  In 1954, in the first grade I won an art contest for drawing an oil well.  The first prize was a “Handy Andy Tool Box” full of simple woodworking tools, a harbinger of things to come.

First Tool - Block Plane

First Block Plane - 1954

While studying philosophy at the University of Utah, I got a job as an apprentice cabinetmaker at a large commercial cabinet shop in Salt Lake City.  Staffed largely with European craftsmen from Germany and England, I received classical training supplemented by classes at a local Trade College in apprentice cabinetmaking.  During my apprenticeship, I did some restoration work for a friend that owned an antique shop and began my interest in old furniture and tools.  Another friend introduced me to the works of Eric Sloan and Charles Hayward and the die was cast.

Paper Silhouette

Hand Cut Paper Silhouette - 1977

After my apprenticeship I struck out on my own journey as a Journeyman Cabinet Maker.  I worked for museums in the West and the Midwest and started my own shop in 1979.  Specializing in antiques restoration and traditional woodwork I continued private contract work for museums and private individuals.

Grecian Briar Smoking Pipe

 Grecian Briar Smoking Pipe in my likeness - 1997.

In 1992, I joined forces with Scott Sylvester at High Country Cabinet & Woodworking.  We specialize in high-end kitchens and architectural woodwork as well as new furniture construction and antique restoration.


Photograph by George Stapleford

A Recent Photograph - 2001

We launched our web site in 1999 where we sell Moses T’s All Natural Wood Care Products, provide historical information and offer publications and plans about traditional woodworking.  I think that the Internet will revolutionize how we do woodworking and how we will record (& make) history.

 Favorite Softwood – Clear spruce (Picea englemannii)

 Favorite Hardwood – Cherry (Prunus serotina)

 Favorite Exotic Wood – Lignum Vitae (Guaiacum officinal)

 Favorite Mythical Wood – Western Red Pine (Pinus ?)

 Favorite Woodworker – John Harrison (1693-1776)

 Favorite Cabinetmaker – William Bell (?  - 1886)

 Favorite Hand Tool – A Sharp Chisel

 Favorite Power Tool – A Treadle Lathe

 Favorite Museum – The Henry Francis du Ponte Winterthur Museum -  (Winterthur, Delaware)       

 Favorite Government Museum – The Smithsonian – (Washington, DC)

 Favorite Living History Museum – Conner Prairie Pioneer Settlement – (Noblesville, Indiana)

 Favorite Historical Site – Grand Gulch and Whiskey Springs – (Southern Utah)

 All of my favorite museums and historical sites – Click Here

 My Resumι or Vitae – Click Here

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